Wednesday, April 6, 2011

Natural Born Printer

I was going to write about how another cricket season was slipping into the past today, because today should have been the last day of Wellington's Plunket Shield campaign.

I didn't figure Waggy into the equation though did I.
The angry little left hander tore us apart taking an unprecedented 5 wickets in one over!
If you aren't a cricket fan it's like a footballer scoring a hattrick in stoppage time.
Or the all blacks not choking in the world cup.
It just doesn't happen!
He must have been whipping those tentacles over at lightning pace.
He is naturalised next year but i think the prawn jokes will continue.

In other news from yesterday i got stung in the eye by a wasp and then watched NAtural Born Killers.

What a movie...

I watched it many many times at the aspen movie theatre when it was released in many different states and hadn't seen it since.

SO much fun

bad bad bad bad bad bad bad bad

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