Monday, April 4, 2011

Artisan Screen Prints

Has been a frustrating week because I found that after consulting with my IP lawyer i couldn't safely use the name Wellington Screen Print.
i have been faced with the work i have done on branding as WSP is now been proved futile

whatevs, better now than later i suppose.

am pretty keen on Artisan Screen Print now

It has as ancronym at least.
Which is a snake
which gives lots of cheesy design avenues to explore

and there's one kind of design avenue i am keen on exploring C'est fromage!

as our cheese eating surrender monkey friends would say.

I was going to blog about how stoked i am to have a brand new second hand macBook pro but my mum has a better computer than me and i am too jealous and/or sulking to dwell on it

at least we are on the same OS (ice gerbil i think) so i can at least be seeing the same layout as she is when i am doing her tech support.

Just a hint, if a mutt and jeff septuganerian asks you if you can help her with her computer hoist her on her own petard by pretending you never heard the question.

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