Monday, February 27, 2012

Leaping ahead

I have been too busy printing to blog which is a good sign I guess.

I did a really nice CMYK print for Crooked Cider

and also have a new Workshy print on the racks

also did a shirt for Get a Grip that I didn't take a photo of and some other stuff i forgot.
WHich is why i bought a big year planner diary today, as I walked in the stationary shop a nice lady put up a 75% off all 2012 diarys sign.
Score one for the procratsinators.

Mr Welder has my flat bed in the welding shop getting it pimped out for a 9 colour print i am about to do for Matt Moriarty That should be a nice little challenge

Also moving house this week which is always a drag, and am obsessively checking the long range forecast for the newtown fair on SUnday. Not looking good at the moment.

Damn you Jim Hickey