Monday, March 28, 2011

Go you big Jessie

Am just about recovered from staying up to watch the Black caps sticking it to the prawns on friday.
What a game. What a lot of beer.

Kyle Mills is a first class dick tho.

Water boys should not be giving it all that.

Curly haired buffoon.

today we take on Sri lanka in the semi and as a portent the new motorhead vinyl arrived in the mail today.

The world is yours...

Wednesday, March 23, 2011

oooh ooo ooo oooh dream weaver

Gary wright never knew what he was starting..

Have been battling this "easy" to use software all week. Have almost laid out my home page but it's not gonna be quite the doodle I thought it would be. When i am not doing that i am trying to turn a sow's ear of a photo in to a silk purse of a tee design. I should just go take a new photo but the lighting i need is available at dawn and who wants to get up at that time of the day.

We didn't go to our weekly movie night and i am missing out on my cinematic fix. Don't have any recommendations at the minute so will just have to wait and see what we watch next. I want to resee Scent of Green Papaya. The beautiful thing being i can't remember anything about it except luscious colours.

Anyhoo enough procastination ; back into it

Sunday, March 20, 2011

He's a Brick...House

Worked on Lionel richie last night and it was surprisingly top notch.

He had two original commodores, Tommy McCleary and Ron la Pred, backing him up for the first time in years and they blew the roof off the shed. Well as much of a crowd of old, white, can't even clap in time punters can blow the roof off.

And those boys can party all night long too.
Ended in a basement bar with Lionel holding court while some uber drunk local bluesman and his fiddling side kick played ozark tunes and the commodores beat time on the table.

They would all be on the free bus pass but they were still looking good when they got back to the intercontinental at 5am.
Maybe good is an exagerration but hotel lighting is never that flattering at that hour.

Another bonus was during the dya the dragon boat racing was on right outside the venue and the whanau came down to cheer Leichelle and the Upper Hutt College Force win the petit final.
Well done that girl.

Didn't do much to advance the print empire but a bloody good day, and night. With the epigee moon glistening on the harbour wellington has never seemed a better place to be.

Thursday, March 17, 2011

biotech is godzilla

Pretty freaky waiting for the meltdown to happen in Japan.
ANd of course Ken Ring's big earthquake for Sunday.
Interesting times.
But I am still in this little office stuggling with dreamweaver and trying to source eco friendly inks.
One has to carry on.

I watched "WHo killed the electric car" last night, pretty depressing stuff.

If acts of god don't get ya the super corporations will

You still have to plug away though, doing what you can to prove the bastards wrong

Finished the design on the first of my series of Postcards that will be part of the launch and have good ideas for the next few, one of which is probably worth doing as a shirt.

In other good news Beastwars The band new record is available on gatefold vinyl

Wednesday, March 16, 2011

Planet Terror

Watched the grindhouse classic last night.
How awesome would a machine gun leg be?
and some good old texas bAr B Q.
Tarantino is such a ham as an actor, no wonder his movies get worse and worse.

STarted at the Bowerman school yesterday
Sketching out tthe website layout and making to do lists

very long to do lists

will make 2 today

to be sure to be sure

happy ST paddy's day

Tuesday, March 15, 2011

Wellington Screen Print

Wellington Screen Print is an artisan workshop melding an ancient process with 21st century tools and a planet friendly ethos. We use our own Workshy range of shirts to show what can be done when ethical and artistic realities are given as much emphasis as financial ones.

Monday, March 14, 2011

Recommended Web Hosting?

Can anyone recommend good web hosting.

Ideally NZ based but not the end of the world if it's not.

I used to use kiwi web host who were pretty good but their e-mail system was a bit rubbish.

Any pointers appreciated

Dolci de Love

Attending the launch of my genius sister's new book last night at Caffe L'affare here in Wellington. Sounds like another winner.
Had a lovely dinner after at Floriditas too.
mmmmmmmpork chop.

Can't wait to read the book, which i will be allowed to do as soon as AJ is finished.

Have almost got the WSP mission statement nailed down and start building the website on Wednesday.

Can't wait.
hopefully the reactors don't blow and turn the weevils 50 foot high.

g g g godzilla

Sunday, March 13, 2011

workshy 2.0

After a typical Wellington weekend of azure skies and barmy temperatures which including roofing, socializingn with friends old and new and celebrity cricket for Christchurch this is the week Workshy 2.0 starts gestating.
AM only working on a mission statement at the moment but have a fair idea of where i am going.
am going to be using the term umbrella company even!
and as any wellingtonian knows actual umbrellas are a lesson in futility.

But first I have to call the IRD and get my cheque sent out.
With the way the pacific rim has been behaving lately it could seem pointless making a long term plan but one must carry on.
Maybe the Mayans were wrong.
Although actual Mayans say the crystal waving new age bozos have got it all wrong and there is merely a phase of their calender ending on the solstice next year that will usher in the time of the 5th sun. Or something.
But a few acid casualties from Taos and a blockbuster from hollywood are obviously a better source of information.

Saturday, March 12, 2011

Score one for the little guy

After 5 years of tenaciously battling the bastards the IRD have gone from asking for 21 grand to admitting they owe me. Yahoo.

Friday, March 11, 2011

why bother

I wonder if having a blog leads many to ponder their insignificance. I really think it should.

Thursday, March 10, 2011

Like The South Workshy Will Rise Again

In a move that no one could possibly have forseen, especially me, the dormant Workshy has been woken from it's slumber.
 Who was i kidding to think i could put down my squeegee
The gods of ink have left me no choice
There will be more shirts
there will be more prints
there will be more
I fully intend to record this new incarnation of the workshy beast via this blog
and am already on the road to hell so can't wait to get paving that sucker
it seems I have acquired access to a textile workshop for 6 months, strategically placed around 2 corners from my flatstock shop i shall use the 2 spaces to create one mighty print entity.
with many facets.
a king diamond octopus of squeegee greatness if you will