Thursday, March 10, 2011

Like The South Workshy Will Rise Again

In a move that no one could possibly have forseen, especially me, the dormant Workshy has been woken from it's slumber.
 Who was i kidding to think i could put down my squeegee
The gods of ink have left me no choice
There will be more shirts
there will be more prints
there will be more
I fully intend to record this new incarnation of the workshy beast via this blog
and am already on the road to hell so can't wait to get paving that sucker
it seems I have acquired access to a textile workshop for 6 months, strategically placed around 2 corners from my flatstock shop i shall use the 2 spaces to create one mighty print entity.
with many facets.
a king diamond octopus of squeegee greatness if you will

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