Sunday, March 13, 2011

workshy 2.0

After a typical Wellington weekend of azure skies and barmy temperatures which including roofing, socializingn with friends old and new and celebrity cricket for Christchurch this is the week Workshy 2.0 starts gestating.
AM only working on a mission statement at the moment but have a fair idea of where i am going.
am going to be using the term umbrella company even!
and as any wellingtonian knows actual umbrellas are a lesson in futility.

But first I have to call the IRD and get my cheque sent out.
With the way the pacific rim has been behaving lately it could seem pointless making a long term plan but one must carry on.
Maybe the Mayans were wrong.
Although actual Mayans say the crystal waving new age bozos have got it all wrong and there is merely a phase of their calender ending on the solstice next year that will usher in the time of the 5th sun. Or something.
But a few acid casualties from Taos and a blockbuster from hollywood are obviously a better source of information.

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  1. Even if these are the end times, you'll be fine. You made the pilgrimage to Salvation Mountain and poked your head through the big "O"....All will be fine so long as you give up that Devil music.