Wednesday, September 28, 2011

Open says a me

An opening present in the same colours as my logo. from the lovely Tanja
It seemed fitting that the first day of spring was the official opening of the Artisan Screen Prints Gallery.

New beginnings and all that jazz.

Was a great night, lots of old friends there and a smattering of new ones.

i love 'em all.

Especially Dane.
But not in a biblical sense.

Unless the bible had stories about people that just love t-shirts.

Am still dotting the Ts and crossing the Is but am getting closer and closer to the perfect set up.
A glorious spring day in our nation's capital today just made things that much nicer out there.
So nice that I took pity on a couple of munters that had run out of gas and drove them to the garage and back to get some.

Never trust someone that has never run out of gas

Monday, September 12, 2011

Green really is the new Black.

As you may or may not know I am a huge fan of recycling and reusing.
So much so that I have turned the carpentry workshop at the Shelly Bay Air Force base into a screen printing studio and gallery.

I have turned an old work bench into my washout station.  An old knackered tunnel dryer has been transformed into a flash cure, with the help of Fusebox. I have been printing today using a fifty year old vacuum cleaner.

Even all my signs were screen printed on the back of old caltex signs I found lying about when i moved in.

This being the case I am super pleased to announce the Gallery launch is being sponsored by Rochdale Cider.

Those of you unfamiliar with NZ's brewing history (for shame) might like to know that the Rochdale Cidery dates from the 1930s and was purchased by the McCashin family in the early 1980s to be recycled as a brewery.  Thus began the delicious Macs range of beers.

Not being the type to waste anything the McCashins have kept the Rochdale name alive and still make delicious cider from the same address.

If that wasn't fantastic enough the ciders are all made without preservatives!

What a great dovetail with my love of organic cottons and eco-friendly printing techniques.

Anyway please come by the Gallery Launch next Friday The 23rd to check out how I have recycled an almost abandoned building into Wellington's newest Gallery and see how delicious the reused Rochdale recipe is.

A hint for those that read to the end: While Mac beers may be brewed by lion now the McCashin touch is evident in the delightful Stoke range of beers and there may well be a chance to sample that range at the launch. See you there