Sunday, August 21, 2011

Step by step

Slowly but surely the ASP fiefdom is taking shape

Have been doing some fantastic prints for Adam Wheatley which is pretty exciting.
Very technically challenging but that is fun.
Version #1 was a right dog but #2 even had the digital printers down the road impressed.

Like we care what digital printers think.

Control + P.

That's "art"

my "arse"

The arctic conditions were not the most pleasant as there is a slight wind tunnel effect out there and an uninsulated wooden building is not the best place to spend the day in zero temps

Will have the behemoth dryer up and running soon so the cold will be the last of my worries, way down the list from my 'leccy bill.

Have pretty much decided to have a launch on the frst day of spring.

Only a month away so not that long but does give me a bit of breathing space to get Gallery sorted

Thursday, August 4, 2011

Is anything more fun than a mix tape...


of course not.

having a fantastic new workshop in one of Wellington's coolest spots is pretty nifty but making a mix tape rules.

in keeping with my keeping with my pre digital art form I ma having an iPod free workshop so I need plenty of tapes.

I made a beauty last night, however halfway through I thought i could stop drinking beer and the tape would run smoothly


I had 4 mis tapes, wrong choices, forgot to press source, change the speed, clean the needle, it was a disaster. Stoke dark fixed all that though

I am only one man though if anyone else out there is still with it enough to be making mix tapes send 'em to me

Artisan Screen Prints
100 Shelly Bay Road

You know i'll make it worth your while