Sunday, November 18, 2012

ShirtStock - The Art of Tee

i haven't blogged in ages because I have been busy setting up Wellington's hottest new event ShirtStock - The Art of Tee.

This event is possibly going to be a whole new level of Tee Shirt appreciation in our nation's capital.

the most exciting thing is the Design awards, With five separate categories and the AS Colour Best in Show award there is kudos and prizes up the wazoo.

The Museum Hotel has donated an accommodation package to the supreme winner and AS Colour is giving shirt credit to all category winners and a top up of shirt credit to the best in show.

there are going to be a plethora of the finest tee shirt labels offering their wares for sale, you could conceivably do your entire christams shop in one go. Let's face it everyone tee shirts and noone wants to kick it at the beach in a hellenststeins tee. And people in clothes from the warehouse have a scientifically proven lack of social life.

There will also be live screenprinting demonstartions with shirts to be bought hoyt from the belt and possibly other shirt adornment styles. Not screenprinting but arty and fantastic none the less.

Let's face it if you aren't at the Riley High at Wellington High School on December 15th you have very little chance of someone coming up to you and saying"where did you get that awesome tee shirt?"Tell you friends