Wednesday, March 23, 2011

oooh ooo ooo oooh dream weaver

Gary wright never knew what he was starting..

Have been battling this "easy" to use software all week. Have almost laid out my home page but it's not gonna be quite the doodle I thought it would be. When i am not doing that i am trying to turn a sow's ear of a photo in to a silk purse of a tee design. I should just go take a new photo but the lighting i need is available at dawn and who wants to get up at that time of the day.

We didn't go to our weekly movie night and i am missing out on my cinematic fix. Don't have any recommendations at the minute so will just have to wait and see what we watch next. I want to resee Scent of Green Papaya. The beautiful thing being i can't remember anything about it except luscious colours.

Anyhoo enough procastination ; back into it

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