Sunday, March 20, 2011

He's a Brick...House

Worked on Lionel richie last night and it was surprisingly top notch.

He had two original commodores, Tommy McCleary and Ron la Pred, backing him up for the first time in years and they blew the roof off the shed. Well as much of a crowd of old, white, can't even clap in time punters can blow the roof off.

And those boys can party all night long too.
Ended in a basement bar with Lionel holding court while some uber drunk local bluesman and his fiddling side kick played ozark tunes and the commodores beat time on the table.

They would all be on the free bus pass but they were still looking good when they got back to the intercontinental at 5am.
Maybe good is an exagerration but hotel lighting is never that flattering at that hour.

Another bonus was during the dya the dragon boat racing was on right outside the venue and the whanau came down to cheer Leichelle and the Upper Hutt College Force win the petit final.
Well done that girl.

Didn't do much to advance the print empire but a bloody good day, and night. With the epigee moon glistening on the harbour wellington has never seemed a better place to be.

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