Thursday, April 14, 2011

Can you hear the drums fernando?

Actually it's me beating my head against the table.

While trying to upload the first version of my Artisan Screen Prints website last night i would appear to have deleted my image folder.
Boy do i wish i'd set up the time machine function on my macbook.
cos then i could retrieve it.
instead of starting from scratch.
what an arse.
actual numbskull.
how many times have i been told to back my work up?
This is a definite blow.
and if anyone mentions "learning curve" i'll give them a dick punch.
something in an extra hard.

Especially after i spent all morning tidying up my files and renaming them and gathering them in one nice tidy folder.
In other news our hot water heater has been playing up and doubled our power bill for the last 2 months.
That's a result too.

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