Sunday, April 10, 2011

Just call me Mario C...

...and i'll build you a cabinet

Check my triple drill action!
This is my new screen box.
Not only did I build this cabinet i also bought a 1500mm guillotine and designed the Vanishing point business cards.
I did more in one saturday than i normally do in a week.

Made up for it on sunday tho, almost got down to dairy to get a paper but not quite.

ASP is moving along, got 2 small print jobs before i have even started advertising and have secured the rights to import some Organic Cotton hoodies and possibly other clothing/bags.
They are coming from europe but I can't see anyone else selling similar items in NZ and while shipping is high they will still end up being much cheaper than my locally made ones were and they will be organic to boot.

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  1. You is very clever and not made no holes in yourself and on top is fetching in hat. XSK