Friday, June 3, 2011

Just like the No 18 bus...

There have been no new Workshy designs for some time but today I can unveil not one but three fantastic bits of t-shirt fantasticishness!
First up is the MYOB. Great for everyone that knows a nosey parker. ANd don't we all. Available in blackest black on snuggly organic cotton and printed in the latest water colour inks. After just one wash the print feels as silky smooth as a Geoff Howarth cover drive.

Next is something that will more than familiar to those that have done the State Highway 1 drive up the north island. From a photo i took of the billboard near mangaweka.
Peach Teats - not just for calves now; the well dressed can show their teat appreciation on unbleached organic cotton shirts. Naturally with super soft water based ink

and finally if there is one thing I've learned from my boy Lionel Ritchie it's that sometimes you gotta think about the ladies and nothin but the ladies.
With that in mind I present the seahorseheart shirt.
2 seahorses kissing makes a love heart.
That's fucking adorable.
I only made 20 of these and once they are gone they are gone so if you want to get one of these NZ made organic cotton baby blue beauties you better hit me up at or you'll be crying yourself to sleep. Again.

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