Thursday, June 16, 2011

Hey Mr Dj...

...turn the music up!

And preferably while wearing one of my new Pirate Radio tees
Things are coming along quite nicely for Artisan, got a job for Colenso this week which is pretty exciting and I have been struggling to get a result with my poster for The Adults but sadly what I have done so far is, in the words of the supernanny, not asseptable.
I will have a 4th crack this weekend.

Lots on in our nations capital this weekend too. Ma'a's last game, Steve Ignorant of Crass on Saturday night and Helmet on Sunday. Not sure what if any of these I will attend but nice to have options.

And in Brainiac news the lovely and talented TW finished the first semester of her course with a solid A+ average.


Trust me i have puuled her pigtails AND tossed her school bag in a tree.
I had to choose a small tree cos that bag is heavy!

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