Wednesday, March 7, 2012

Download this

you can't because it's vinyl.

to be exact a lemonade coloured copy of Orange Goblin's new album A Eulogy for the Damned
Why it's not an eulogy for the damned I'll have to ask Jo but the anticipation involved with this record made me really consider why sticking with vinyl all these years when I have the musical universe at my fingertips has been the best decision.

I preordered this album as soon as I heard of is imminentrelease so I am obviously a saddo and have spent the last month listening to my old OG and looking forward to this arriving.

I got a second set of anticipation when it arrived between moving from Berhampore and the redirection notice kicking in at the post office so I knew it was in the area but not in hot sweaties.

I foolishly picked it up on my way out to the workshop not the way home so I had all day to look at the gatefold sleeve and read the liner notes and lyrics before i got home to play it.
I could have probably got a torrent of the album weeks ago and added to my itunes and enjoyed the songs when they came up on shuffle but the whole ritual of buying and playing the record adds a whole different level to my enjoyment that i feel sorry for the kids that will never experience it.

Sure they may have the entire catalogue of all their favourite artists but have they never heard this

and just try and make a camberwell carrot on a MP3

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