Tuesday, July 19, 2011

That's the view from here

This is literally the scene from the front door of my new workshop.
West facing so i predict a summer of print shop bbqs.
oh. anyone got a spare bbq?
i think the term for my new venture is undercapitalized so I won't have  dosh for such luxuries.
If there is a donor they would be repaid mightily in snarlers.
and possibly all the t shirts they can eat.
I have also sourced a sweet tape deck for printshop sounds so mixtapes please!
Discounts on prints for mixtapes.
Moving in August 1.


  1. Wow, jealous much! (My print studio has NO windows)
    I look forward to hearing about all the exciting new prints & t-shirts you will be making from your new location. Yay for screenprinting!
    All the best on your new adventure :)

  2. I am having an opening next friday round there, I have turned a couple of old offices into a gallery.
    If you (or feel free to forward the link) are in the Welly region drop by. Fingers crossed it's a day like today because it was stunning round there. I had and finished a nice 6 colour poster to celebrate the opening and didn't want to leave it was so nice. Luckily i only had one beer in the fridge or i'd still be there!